Transport logistics

Transportation in Ukraine


  • Support 24/7
  • Confidentiality and strict observance of Clients' interest and requirements
  • Personal manager, who will find an optimal solution
  • Transparent system of pricing, attractive tariffs in the price/ quality format
  • Solving irregular tasks
  • Rendering the other services that accompany transportation (insurance, providing the special purpose machines, loading/unloading operations, storage, etc.)


We are ready to pass through any testing, since our team consists of professionals, who love their job and capable to solve even the most complex tasks, and to find the solution you will be satisfied!

GTAL will promptly bring your cargo to any location in Ukraine by means of own truck fleet.

We shall select a required semi-truck and provide a vehicle within a short period of time.

We select a vehicle according to a cargo type and with respect to its transportation and other parameters. Our logistic specialists will propose vehicles of a proper body type.

24/7 support

24/7 support

24/7 we are in touch with the client and are ready to provide support at any time

GPS tracking

GPS tracking

We track the location and temperature of the cargo during transportation

Own transport

Own transport

Our vehicle fleet consists of more than 140 units. techniques of different types

  • 79 semi-trailers with refrigerators, 6 of them have the multi-temperature function
  • 44 cold storage semi-trailers 
  • 15 curtain sided semi-trailers
  • 2 tank trucks


Our loyal clients may order the transport 12 hours prior to established shipment time.

We accept urgent requests and provide transport in 3 hours.

Перевозки по Украине

Each cargo vehicle transportation is supervised by a personal manager, who bears responsibility for arrangement and taking of all necessary administrative and preparation measures.

Having ordered a vehicle from us, you can be sure that your request will be carefully considered and fulfilled to your satisfaction.