Warehouse logistics



  • Optimization of costs for rent of warehouse premises, communication and personnel
  • Possibility to widen trading channels through market places
  • Enhancement of order fulfillment quality
  • Goods turnover increase through clients' loyalty enhancement
  • Delivery geography widening
  • Personal manager

Every year the efficiency of online trading is increasing, and more people place orders in internet-shops. 

Today you can build own business with our service, which is created and optimized specially for you!

Fulfillment is outsourcing, an activity complex, which helps internet-shops to propose more attractive conditions, in the same time to have maximal convenience in delivering orders and processing them.

Enhance flexibility and efficiency of your Company, focus on fulfilling your main tasks through using our service "Fulfillment in E-commerce".

  • Pick up goods from your suppliers;
  • Provide package for your goods to be stored and transported; 
  • Pick up goods from your suppliers;
  • Pack goods into branded boxes according to your instructions;
  • Hand over goods to a courier service, organize self-pickup, solve all the problems with deliveries;
  • You provide us with information on entries, data on goods consolidation and shipment, and in one month you will receive all invoices and satisfied clients

Through proposing you such good conditions, we target at long time cooperation and mutual development. Cutting down costs for keeping warehouse and personnel is the perfect possibility save money and redirect them to advertising and own brand promotion around the internet.


The fulfillment service allows

to scale a business and achieve new heights.

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