Transport logistics

Pallet delivery


  • Possibility to precisely forecast delivery costs
  • Systematic delivery of goods to retail locations with small lots
  • Possibility to cut down expenses due to transportation by 2.5-5-ton vehicles
  • Transportation of all type cargoes with observance of their compatibility
  • Selection of a vehicle depending on a required temperature mode and pallet quantity

The pallet delivery and box delivery (starting with 1 box) are the most required services in the logistic market.

This service is ideal for distributors, wholesale companies, enterprises trading through hypermarkets, retail networks and facilities.

We use curtain sided heavy trucks, refrigerator trucks, multi-temperature refrigerator trucks and small cold storage vehicles.

The GTAL Company will accept goods at own warehouse, sort them out between retail locations, deliver goods (even 1 box) to a retail location according to an approved schedule of deliveries.

We strictly control product compatibility and guarantee the best conditions of storing and transporting. Our prices for pallet delivery are very attractive.

Pallet delivery from GTAL

Since 2014-year General Trans Alliance Logistic transports cargoes in Ukraine and abroad. We, being an experience provider, have own truck fleet of various types and tonnages. We use the experience accumulated for these years in the pallet delivery as well.

You even do not doubt service quality. We treasure our reputation and wish to prove it in practice!


Паллетная доставка