Warehouse Logistics

Multi-temperature warehouse

Our services: Multi-temperature warehouse GTAL

  • Cold logistics complex
  • Rent of refrigerating and freezing chambers in the city of Dnipro
  • Freight transport by refrigerators + small delivery (-20) across the Dnieper and the region
  • Temperature cross-docking services
  • Packing, packing, palletizing, marking and other handling of cargo
  • Warehouse document management, formation of a package of documents for shipment

- Responsible storage in freezing and refrigerated warehouses in Dnipro.

- Rent a part of the "fresh" and "freeze" warehouse.

Warehouse location: Dnipro city, at Prospect Truda, 14. With good access roads. There are 4 loading ramps available.

Technical specifications:

The warehouse complex of General Trans Alliance Logistic has 4 independent chambers for storing products with a temperature mode:

  • 2 low-temperature ones with a mode of -20oC to 600m2 and 400m2.
  • 2 cameras with a mode 00С - +60С of 400m2 and 150m2.

The technical parameters of the warehouse correspond to class B warehouses.

Features of complex:
  • Environmental equipment that runs on freon. We do not use ammonia to cool our products.
  • Adjustable and personalized mode from +60C to -250C.
  • Self-leveling floors with anti-dust coating, modern warehouse management system - WMS, high-speed Internet access.
Cold storage for rent

Multi-temperature warehouse of General Trans Alliance Logistic

The most complete range of services, including storage from the 1st pallet with billing per day.

Full liability under the contract.

We work 24/7 + video surveillance system + round-the-clock security of the facility.

We are able to provide renovated office space for your employees.